WedaCon: Bolstering IDM and ERM

Thorsten H. Niebuhr, Founder & CEO, WedaConThorsten H. Niebuhr, Founder & CEO
An organization that is planning to quickly expand its business, with variant target markets having unique needs, requires expert services and products; such an approach can help a firm be more formal, organized, and have an agile framework with a sophisticated Identity Management system (IDM).

“We developed one of the first identity relationship management systems in 2009 for one of our customers, and since then, Identity Relationship Management is our strength and passion,” begins Thorsten H. Niebuhr, Founder, and CEO of WedaCon. But, what started as an Identity and Access management initiative at WedaCon is now transforming into a strategic partnership, helping organizations to not only find transparency and balance in the world of Identity Management but also evolve its business more maturely. Using its vast experience of entity relationship management (ERM), WedaCon is resolving an organization’s Identity relationship and legacy process issues while also acting as an integrated channel for data security and transmission. WedaCon ensures that organizations cut down on expenses during reorganizations and spend only on the mandatory Identity Management adjustments.

Since its establishment in 2001, WedaCon is renowned for its consultancy and training in the field of IDM, which gradually led to the formulation of various services and products that are redefining entity and identity relationship management. WedaCon’s IAM is a solution with an all-in-one central repository that analyzes complex user entity relationships across various platforms and integrates the data into a single defined system. IAM smartly understands the specifics and characteristics of all entities of an organization by using semantic layers over IDM stacks.

We developed one of the first identity relationship management systems in 2009 for one of our customers, and since then, Identity Relationship Management is our strength and passion

This method is also known as Semantic Entity Relationship Management as it defines, manages, and secures data of an organization so that it frees users of IT responsibilities and helps the organization in terms of productivity.

WedaCon pays close attention to details while understanding the client’s requirements before it provides any resolution or plan. One of the outcomes of this is a product called YIAM, also known as ‘why I am,’ which helps customers to regain transparency while diving into the complex world of IAM. It does this by driving the IAM processes to guarantee the correct flow of events, even if conducted manually. One of its unique features is to adapt to the maturity level of the customer’s organization and help the client progress through to the next level of IDM maturity. WedaCon also provides consultancy services to businesses and shares as much knowledge as possible with teams and individuals who are a part of the IAM program of its customers.

IDM is a process driven world, which requires an organization’s entity relationship to be structured and well defined. WedaCon finds the right balance of enterprise management by identifying the maturity level of the customer’s company using questionnaires and tests, listening carefully to the customer’s requirements and then providing a roadmap for an IAM program. WedaCon helps the organization achieve a sophisticated enterprise system that is secure, integrated, and well structured. This way of functioning has established WedaCon’s reputation as an overall strategic partner for IAM due to the guidance it provides during the evolution of a company. In a few years, WedaCon is planning on continuing its research on semantic entity management with Kantara along with the former IDM workgroup and also nurture its recently formed alliance with SailPoint, the global leader in IDM.
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Munster, Germany

Thorsten H. Niebuhr, Founder & CEO

WedaCon is an identity management company that also provides enterprise solutions by combining its 18 years of expertise along with identity and access management products. Starting in 1997 by providing support to IT training centers, WedaCon soon realized the importance of access and administration systems in IT. WedaCon’s services include consulting, design, and implementation of sustainable solutions for the management of digital identities. WedaCon provides its customers with 24/7 services and support with an international team of dedicated and professional individuals